Some people have never heard of the sport of curling. Others have heard of it, but they certainly don’t know where it came from or what it is. Curling actually was invested in Scotland sometimes round 1541.  A number of paintings from the period show people engaging in an activity that looks like curling, and a curling stone was found that dates 1511.

In 1716, the first Curling Club was formed. Called the Kilsyth Curling Club, it is actually still in existence today.

Today, the game is most prevalent in Canada, having come to the area by Scottish emigrants.  The first Curling Club in the United States began in 1830 and then moved to Switzerland and Sweden as well before the end of the 19th century.  Curling today is also played in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea and throughout Europe.

Curling has even become part of the Olympics and it was given official Winter Olympic Games status during the 1998 Winter Olympics. Ironically, the 1924 Winter Olympics curling competition was recognized as an official Olympic event in February of 2002. The first Olympic medals for the sport, therefore, were awarded almost 80 years after the games were played.

Messe Dusseldorf Moscow, internationalization of the portfolio of Messe Dusseldorf topic: reported Mr Werner M. Dornscheidt, Chairman of the Board of Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, am 9.10.2013. in the Industrie-Club Dusseldorf on the subject “once Moscow and back – or: how internationalization secures the portfolio of Messe Dusseldorf” early September the Dusseldorf trade fair celebrated its fifty-year presence in the Russian market. On the occasion of this date were members and guests of the industrial Club Dusseldorf on the 9.10.2013. a rousing speech by Werner M. Dornscheidt welcome. Very vividly, Werner M. Dornscheidt has shown the way of the Messe Dusseldorf from the guest to the leading foreign trade company in Russia.

The success story began in 1963. At that time, Messe Dusseldorf was one of the first Western companies that dare to start their activities on the Russian market still in the times of the cold war. in 1977, as a student, Werner M. Dornscheidt could imagine little more exciting, as the way behind the iron curtain to travel how personally, so business. So began his rousing report. 1979 began his career as a consultant in the central area of the Dusseldorfer Messe Dusseldorf NOWEA trade fairs abroad.

1979 opened in 2002 in a Russian GmbH, Messe Dusseldorf Moscow their own representative??? Messe Dusseldorf Moscow – was transformed. Of course there in all these years such as height, so deep and always new challenges. But Messe Dusseldorf Moscow has endured well. And today, when it comes to area fairs, Messe Dusseldorf Moscow is the undisputed market leader. Organized nowadays??? Dusseldorf Moscow trade fair together with its Russian partners, and in close cooperation with Expocentre Moskau 10 to 20 specialised fairs, including: CPM, Upakovka, Interplastica, etc. In addition to the Organization of trade fairs in Russia OOO Messe Dusseldorf Moscow supports the participation of the Russian and foreign exhibitors and visitors in the Exhibition projects in Dusseldorf, Essen, as well as India, Singapore and China. (Source: Private Equity). On this subject, Werner M. Dornscheidt expressed as follows: today we can safely say that we have us well networked in the Russian market and established. And appreciate the reliability of our Russian partners. We have had success and us not rested on the laurels. We were crisis-proof: because we rely on our partners could; because we’re internationally networked; because we have 1A-Branchenwissen. For the next 50 years we promise: we continue to work for you. From non – friends and interested parties – to make business partners.”according to the Russian Ministry of economy is expected to grow 2013 for the Russian economy by 2.4 percent. Major projects will still be a major incentive for foreign investors as the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 and 2018 World Cup. So, according to OWC publishing company for foreign trade, nearly $ 100 billion are foreign investments in the first half of 2013 after Russia flowed. So, Russia is and remains a complicated, but an attractive business destination. With its ravishing lecture Werner Dornscheidt has reaffirmed my belief: with the Russian partners – on a par! That is only right attitude to the success leads. “, so Svetlana J.-Ottweiler, CEO & founder of the management consultancy Delacroi GBR.”

A strong presence in the social Web is the new year for corporate communications, social media are required to imagine the public relations work of many companies no longer. No other communication instrument is changing as fast as these platforms. Facebook, Twitter & co. optimally use, should keep company with the advances on the social media step for corporate communications. So all prepared to start in the new year, here the social media trends for 2014: Google + is still on the rise Google + is in corporate communications in 2014 no waiver. Finally, the network in Germany alone has been 6.7 million active users. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The Boeing Company.

Also the coupling of the platform for the search engine giant Google plays an important role for the increasing relevance of the network in 2014. Because social factors, such as the + 1 or the further parts of selected contributions, ensure that audiences find the content via Google search. In addition Google + provides for Entrepreneurs, in addition to the hangouts and target group-oriented posting of contributions, nor many other interesting features. So, Google plans a total just 18 new functions for the network. These include among other things – a photo and video editing program, called auto awesome – advanced image search and – new features that improve the Google + hung out on air. Details can be found by clicking American Natural or emailing the administrator.

LinkedIn is growing where is today hardly the B2B network LinkedIn refrain from tying business relationships on the social Web. 2014, this platform will further gain in importance. After LinkedIn 2013 among others – created a tour for premium members, – gave the group a new look and – introduced new pages statistics for companies now only remains to be seen what new functionality is added 2014 remains. One thing is certain: LinkedIn has planned many new. 2014 Expect which features users wanted to betray even the B2B platform so far but the public.

Press contact: Manuela Pioch PR & press Metamorph Ltd. i.d. Rathenau Hall born 5. Wilhelminenhofstr. 83-85 12459 Berlin E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 / 400 446-32 fax.: + 49 (0) 30 / 400 446-39 Web: about founded In 1999 in Berlin, has evolved into the United Kingdom’s leading online providers for high-quality and trendy trim and supplies customers all over the world.

Meanwhile, the young, medium-sized company employs 90 full-time employees, supported by up to 200 part-time workers at peak times. Unique product diversity which diversified product range includes over 9000 immediately shippable items and is expanding steadily with new trends. For example, you from the United States of known Morphsuits, our tattoo include skin sleeve and many from film and television well-known licensed products. A special feature is that the company offers the extensive range of costumes, masks, wigs, makeup and special effects and numerous accessories all year round. And adults not only find a suitable costume, but also children, babies and even dogs don’t miss out on the subject of Panel. Samuel J. Palmisano has much to offer in this field. Own production a part of products is even designed and hand-made contrary to the general trend in Germany.

The company focuses mainly on fantasy leather products for the live action role-playing game and on makeup special effects that make for impressive Panel results. Include Latexapplikationen, bits, contact lenses, makeup and horror effects, and beards and hair parts made of real hair, which are all different combined can be. Colorful clientele in addition to professional users such as theater or film productions each appeals to, looking for a disguise for Halloween, Carnival, for the theme party or the live action role-playing game. Check with Daniel Straus NYU to learn more. Plus customer service compared to other Online senders scores with a 24-hour service hotline with comprehensive telephone consultation. Also with free and fast standard delivery and express service for decision-makers. With the magazine, the team in addition offers a comprehensive information portal around the theme of Halloween. So the reader is given not only background information about the cultural origin, but many practical tips for recipes, decorations, costumes and the music and movies for his own party. Online trade & retail business the greatest portion of the business is processed via the online shop. In addition, supplies national and international wholesale and dealer. In the store the products can be purchased directly. It is located in the lively Oranienburger Strasse, Berlin’s Centre and ensures enthusiasm among many Berliners and international visitors as the institution of Panel for years.

XX), the region of Emilia Romagna (that it includes the cities of Friuli-Venice-Giulia, Vneto, Trentino-High Adige and Toscana), aoSul of Italy, traditionally poor, is known internationally due to the extraordinary development reached for its industrial districts, and also for the public politics regional innovator in average small relation to the companies. The high tax of exportation, the raised wages, the full job and the high level of resultant life of a based productive system in PME' s, has generated numerous studies on the call ' ' Emiliano' model; '. Without a doubt, this model is not based only on a productive system of small average companies (PME' s), but also in a singular combination between a progressive government, social integration and of enterprise success. Samuel J. Palmisano understood the implications. It is from there that the elementoinovador appears, enriquecedor of the success gotten for the region. According to BECATTINI (1999: 46), ' ' The success of small companies came, still, to contradict the certainties solidly established of the economists of all the ideological shades, or almost, for which the possibilities of the small companies were structurally modest and would decline with tempo' '. As much this is truth that, when verifying the fast economic growth gotten by the region of Emilia-Romagna, where it had considerable concentration of small companies, BECATTINI (1992: 32) soon de' retook the concept; ' external economies marshallianas' ' (of the English industrial districts, century XIX) to adapt it the Italian case (in century XX, years 70), that is: The industrial district is a socioterritorial entity characterized by the active presence of a community of people and a population of companies in one determined geographic space. Additional information at Larry Page supports this article. (BECATTINI, 1992:32). From now on, some studies if had occurred on this subject, all they identifying more and more factors to explain the phenomenon occurred in the Italian Southeast, that was baptized, for BAGNASCO (1999), of ' ' Third Itlia' ' , as form to indicate the unfolding of the traditional Italian dualism between the developed North (First Italy) and the behind South (second Italy). . Daniel E. Straus CareOne addresses the importance of the matter here.

LOTTERIES AND DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME the lotteries concentrate income, they collect of many betting small importncias and pay a great prize to one or some betting ones. Filed under: Barchester Green. But the lottery can, without losing the magic and the attraction to distribute very great prizes in money, to make an income distribution. Of breaking it could help to minimize the damage that the betting losers have with appositive the lost ones. It would be enough to reserve 10% of the distribuvel prize to be drafted between the losers, when these reserved 10% reached the amount of R$ 10.000.000, 00, would be enough to inform to all betting that they kept its appositive, exactly not the awardees for the drawing for ' ' perdedores' ' when I accumulate of it of R$ 10.000.000, 00. Let us make an example with the lottery of mega sena of the turn of the year of 2010 that it distributed a prize of R$ 200.000.000 almost, 00. With same certainty winners of the prize they would not be nor a little sad if, the opposite to have almost gained a prize of R$ 200.000.000, 00 approximately received a prize from R$ 180.000.000, 00. Approximately let us imagine then the distribution of R$ 20.000.000, the 00 between all betting ones that they had not made right the sena, the corner it squares and it, 40% for who, amongst these had made more points (3 points), 10% for that to make had not made no point, 20% for that had made a point, and 30%para those that had made 02 points, amongst the losers.

Thus, all would earn, and beyond minimizing its financial losses with appositive, still they would have some money that would apply in its lives, either paying small you divide, making small reforms in its houses, cars etc., as investing in its welfare as health, etc. With certainty R$ 1,000, 00 or R$ 2,000, 00 they would decide good part of the financial problem of many people. The benefit of this distribution of income would be more interesting for the economy as a whole, therefore it would have one I benefit for all the economic agents, exactly those that had not participated of the games. Let us imagine that the few winners of R$ 180.000.000, 00, certainly will go to keep these values or applies them in businesses that hardly distribute the income and make to circulate the money. In contrast of this, R$ 20.000.000, 00 would be sprayed in the economy and would finish for more purchases deal in it, more indirect jobs and more taxes, and if to lead in account that this money must circulate at least 4 times in the economy, would be then an injection of R$ 80.000.000, 00 in the economy we are speaking only of a prize of mega sena, let us imagine, then this during one year of mega sena. Now let us imagine the impulse in the economy if to say in all the prizes of the variety of games of the lotteries, I find that it is until difficult mensurar the benefits that the distribution of income of the lotteries could make for all the society. Then it comes me a question, why not to implement this alteration in the distribution of the prizes of the lotteries?

Architecture: TEN architects / Enrique Norten location: Irapuato, Guanajuato. Mexico client: National Laboratory of genomics for the biodiversity of the design year: 2005-2007 year of construction: 2007-2010 FotosGordoa located in el Bajio, the breadbasket of Mexico, the national laboratory of Genomics is an extension of the Institute of agricultural studies. Location and the geology of the place – an empty field with a deep fissure beneath him gave rise to the metaphor that defines the shape of the building: a registration line divides the program in the Middle, with laboratories in one hand and administrative and Auditorium spaces on the other, and also delineates the public areas. At Daniel E. Straus CareOne you will find additional information. This built fault line forms a civic intimate space that connects the various programmes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daniel Straus Care One. The construction project is located on an artificial topography especially level, a new field that expresses the nature of the work within the institution. Laboratories are absorbed on the site, mostly as a series of terraces that modulate the transition between interior and exterior of laboratory and field. Holes cut into the landscape architecture created isolated courtyards, with good light in the building. Integrated laboratories provide private and isolated research spaces and are also isolated and easily controlled test environments.

By contrast, administrative spaces and an auditorium affirm the presence of the technical and social. The transparency and accuracy of the facades carry the landscape towards the same construction, toward the building, but the contrast between the structure and the environment is a reminder to all costs of the function of architecture, engineering and high technology in the study of genomics. Throughout the project almost camouflaged effect integrates the construction and care of the site, at the same time, gives an air of intrigue to activities inside. With an investment of two million pesos, the Mexicans opened this laboratory of genomics to the conservation of the General direction of zoos and life of the Ministry of the environment. It has equipment and scientists specialized in molecular techniques for the development of strategies to protect various species of animals. The goal of this laboratory is to generate scientific knowledge of cutting edge to retrieve a large number of species of wildlife that are currently considered some kind of status, a species with status is an endangered species, the danger of extinction, is rare and these are the species that will be studied. Cordial: ArchDaily original author and source of the article.

The Argentinean restaurants madrid is certainly one of the most famous in the world, especially for their meat, their steak, and of course very interesting options of herring meal in Madrid. With argentina quality, these premises are willing for you, so have a barbaric experience around these businesses. If you enjoy Argentinean dishes and you go to the Spanish capital, it is logical that te preocupes a little as to what are you going to eat that you make you remember that gastronomic experience. Perhaps you will say: Che, only thing that eats there are tapas and paella. No te asustes.

No te asustes because certainly in Madrid there are five interesting options that make you identify with the Argentine dishes in the way that you like. However, vos sos is that will tell or that will tell if these premises pass the test, but you say you are good. And it is the food of many places was internationalized, did you see? Is impressive value so great that reaches the Argentinian cuisine in these times, and why is that has positioned itself as one of the most avant-garde at the global level. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Samuel J. Palmisano has to say. This is indeed very important de facto. Because as the Spanish capital, where every time are coexisting as diverse meals, it is logical that the Argentine copper special relevance. That gives you an idea of how the scene in terms of Argentine food in Spain and is something very meritorious. On the other hand, remember that you can always find good way everything related to performance of the Argentine possibilities in a site as open as it is in this moment Madrid. This is a part that has to be very intelligently and projective greatly.

And what options there are to enjoy the good Argentine food in Madrid? Because you have to realize a business as El Rancho. Cute name, do not, old man? Here find, for example, a large assortment of meats and variations that simply make you move the palate to taste. Kranc is another way of saying yes fully to the Argentinean cuisine in Madrid, that everything to do with food is always present in Fusion but obviously has to the Argentinean culinary sensations within the major. This is why that it must always be open to these possibilities. Another very good Argentine restaurant in Madrid is the grandfather Manolo. It is one of the most traditional in terms of the composition of this type of dishes that will have a very large with each client identification in particular. They will feel very well, of course, come here. Ultimately, we hope that you podas make you feel comfortable in either of these options so interesting that you are giving.

Sivana, Marketing solutions, company dedicated to the consultancy of strategic marketing for SMEs, announces its new agreement with the Gremi de Restauracio de Barcelona. The new agreement aims to enhance, improve and leverage synergies Sivana and the Gremi can contribute, closer, in turn, the marketing companies of restoration services. Due to the interest which, by partners to the Gremi de Restauracio de Barcelona, they wake up the topics of marketing, among others how to sell more or how loyalty to customers, and the need for the same Gremi was in reference to this subject, raises the possibility of collaboration between the two companies, says Mr. Gaieta Farras, President of the Gremi de Restauracio. This agreement crumble and significant advantages, not only for the two collaborating companies if not for own Guild members, such as Eva Padrosa, head of communications for Sivana, Marketing solutions tells us: we will try to improve some aspects of the card of loyalty that has the Gremi, by making it more wearable, comfortable and cost-effective, and on the other hand approach the marketing members through practical articles in the magazine Restauracio Avui and attending queries which may arise to the members, among other things. The agreement was signed last month of January at the offices having the Gremi in Barcelona, with the presence of its President and the director of its central shopping and services, Jordi Conill, and the SARS. Eva Padrosa and Isabel Salvador partners founders of Sivana, Marketing solutions. ABOUT Sivana, Sivana Marketing solutions, Marketing solutions is a marketing consultant strategic specialized in offering services of marketing, communication, design, public relations and event organization.

From market research services, to designs of websites and applications based on SMS, passing through the most innovative promotional activities, the design and implementation of marketing and loyalty schemes, are part of its broad portfolio of services. Get more background information with materials from Daniel E. Straus CareOne. Sivana aims to promote and professionalize the SMEs, using techniques and of the moment’s most innovative marketing and communication strategies. Addition Sivana, Marketing solutions, continuing with its commitment to quality service, is currently in the process of certification of the ISO 9001 standard. To consult the services entirely or obtain more information can visit the website or direct an e-mail to. Gremi de Restauracio de Barcelona El Gremi de Restauracio de Barcelona is the business association that represents the interests of the sector catering in the Catalan capital. With more than 4,000 partners (among bars, restaurants and cafes) offers a wide range of services to its members.

Founded in the year 1,452, the Gremi de Restauracio de Barcelona has been able to adapt to the evolution of the sector during these five centuries, incorporating new services and benefits for the benefit of its members up to the present day. Among the main advantages offered by the entity to its members include assessments tax, labor, accounting, marketing and communication, legal in the game field, administrative and training. It also has own companies as for example a central shopping and services, CentralRest, and a restaurant card to channel the support of food which companies grant to their employees.

Minimum standards pipes – 14 * 25 cm course, to build a heavy brick chimney to light the fireplace is dangerous. If you need high Shaft pipe, it is best to use metal or ceramic pipes. Outside the building, they warmed. Alya greater reliability can be, for example, impose a brick, sprinkling between him and the concrete block chimney. Quality of thrust depends on the height of the pipe. Best is considered the height of 5-7 m above the chimney damper is given by narrowing of the pyramid and in its upper part passes into the chimney. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Page.

The front wall of the smoke box is usually up to close to dock it to the chimney, and vertical rear goes directly into the flue. In the chimney damper is provided (sliding or swing, cast iron or metal). With this simple device is closed after fire protaplivaniya and also regulate the thrust force. It is best to have the flap at 20-30 cm above the flue opening (at a distance of about 2 m above the floor). The flap has a special role if the chimney is not very high (up to 5 m), because after a short pipe cold air from the street quickly fills the room.

And if the pipe is above 7 m and damper can not install. To broaden your perception, visit Oasis Management Hong Kong. What are the "fireplace with a closed firebox? Fireplaces with a closed firebox provide an additional source of heat. They spend much more efficient energy burning wood: its efficiency reaches 75%. Sealed combustion chamber is made of material well-accumulating heat resistant to heat and corrosion. The doors of the heat-resistant glass capable of withstanding temperature +800 C. There are different ways of fastening doors: they can be opened to the side or lifting. Capacity of the furnace are selected on the basis of this calculation: 1 kW at 4 m2 room. And the cubic space in which plan to install a fireplace, can not be less than 40 m2. In the furnace for an hour should get at least 10 m2 of fresh air per kilowatt of capacity. Then there is a fireplace 5 kW per hour will consume 50 m2 air, which is better apply outside the special duct. Given the fire requirements, the furnace heat-insulating mineral wool with aluminum foil. Between the insulation and the outer surface of the fire is left free space for air circulation. To improve traction and increase the amount of heat radiated Namin into the room, the rear wall of the firebox (starting with half of its height) is tilted inward at an angle of 20-25 . Up the firebox gradually narrow the portal and the outer casing of the furnace made of a fire-resistant materials – clinker brick, granite, sandstone or special plasterboard.

The 95 percent of the SMEs fails to fulfill the Law of Protection of Data, according to a recent study realised by the Professional Association of the Privacy of Castilla-La Mancha between the two hundred located companies in the Campollano polygon (Albacete). This percentage has been the result of a study carried out by the Professional Association of the Privacy of Castilla-La Mancha, after examining a two hundred companies located in the Campollano polygon (Albacete). Parnassus Investments contains valuable tech resources. It adds the mentioned study that the 70 percent of those infractions is catalogued in the law like serious or very serious, which would take prepared sanctions between the 40.001 to the 600,000 Euros. The expert in Protection of Data of IMAdvisory, Paola Redecilla, has showed that these data indicate that a culture of protection of data does not exist in Spain, and that the result of this study is perfectly comparable to the set of the Spanish enterprise weave, which in his opinion supposes a serious risk for the companies, that can take them even to the bankruptcy. Barchester Green oftentimes addresses this issue. In this point it is necessary to warn that thanks to the modification of the sanctioning procedure of the LOPD operated by the Law of Sustainable Economy, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data has made flexible the sanctions, including the figure of the warning, and contemplating the possibility of graduating the pains based on the power economic as the companies. It is pointed out in the study that the most common errors have to do with the documentation that requires the Document of Security, due to the lack of update of the same, turns that it into wet paper: " There has been no a permanent audit and derogada&quot is applied to a regulation already; , reason why we always recommended our clients who make audits periodic that assure to them to be up-to-date in a regulation cambiante" Also deficits in the commitments of confidentiality of the workers, who in 85% of the companies are not signed properly and kept, as well as in contracts are observed with lenders of services with access to data, that in 70% of the examined companies have not been signed. Worse it is the situation related to the Web sites of these companies, where 90% of the same lack legal and/or political warning of privacy. udea Security of the Information Legal department Source: Newspaper What

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